Go Green!

Get your daily servings of fruits and veggies in a drink. Green drinks can be used as a meal replacement

Juice health benefits/flavor profiles

The benefits of specific ingredients in my juices don’t happen from drinking 1 juice. To see the most results/benefits “holistically” from the ingredients within my juices, you need to habitually drink cold-pressed juice every day. I have come to find that many people come to me looking for a quick health fix, to lose weight for the most part. But that is not how I promote my products and honestly do not believe it is healthy or OK to want to do a 3-day cleanse to “lose 5 pounds”. Of course, I don’t want to shoot down a customer who is looking for that, but I try to explain that losing a few pounds in a few days is not going to fix any future health problems and that the weight they have lost by deciding to only drink juice for 3 days will come right back as soon as they start eating real food again. Having a juice or two incorporated into their daily routine to start with is what I recommend and helps your body adjust to the direct nutrients it is receiving.

Green Juices

Can be considered a meal replacement. The juices are obviously green in color and help customers get their daily servings of vegetables/fruit; or at least get closer to it than they would without drinking it.

  • Clean and Light Green:
  • Considered a “light green” because it contains less leafy greens (only kale), making it more on the sweeter side. It is not what a majority of people think a typical green juice taste like (grass or dirt). I recommend this juice for a beginner green juice drinker.
  • Green Machine:
  • Considered a “medium green” because it consists of mainly leafy greens (kale, romaine, chard) with hints of sweet fruits. Has an earthier flavor and more filling than Clean and Light Green. This is what experienced green juicer drinks order.

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