Cold Pressed Juices

Our Cold-Pressed Juices & What It’s All About


  • ALL ingredients used are: Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and we strive to use as much local produce as possible.
  • Our juice is unpasteurized. An example is Simply OJ you can find on a shelf at grocery store: you don’t know where it has been or how long it has taken to be put on the shelf. Those types of juice have a longer shelf life because they ARE pasteurized; it is needed in order to have a much longer shelf life. This is why our juices have a much shorter shelf life (3-5 days) because they are so fresh. The juice we craft is in its most natural state, therefore it shortens the shelf life.
  • We bottle all juice immediately after pressing. This ensures that all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are preserved.
  • All bottles are sealed with tamper-evident caps that keep the juice fresh. Once a juice is opened, we recommended consuming within 1-2 days to avoid the possibility of pathogens forming.
  •  No added water to juice unless it is listed as an ingredient. Some of our juices contain water because it helps balance the flavors.
  • It takes approximately 2 lbs of fruit and vegetables to make 1 (12oz) juice.
  • How do we do it?  It is very labor intensive to craft our cold-pressed juices. The process is slow, in order to keep all nutritional value intact. Fruits & vegetables are fed into one of our cold-pressed juicers where 2 metal augers squeeze and push them through at a very slow rotational speed. The juice extracted is a very nutrition dense liquid. No heat, oxygen or chemicals are used during the cold-pressed juice process, which keeps nutrients fresh, creating juice with a high nutritional value.


  • Easily get daily dose of vegetables & fruit
  • Supplies your body with water to replenish lost fluid
  • Helps rid the body of toxins by cleansing digestive tract, colon & liver
  • Metabolism can become more efficient
  • Helps to balance mood & clear the mind
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners are ever added
  • Nitric oxide: It occurs naturally in the body. It helps to increase your workout performance, increase circulation and regulate your blood pressure. It naturally occurs especially in beets, leafy greens, citrus and spirulina.
  • Antioxidants are natural occurring substances that may prevent or delay cell damage. Kale, carrots, citrus and berries are all high in antioxidants.
  • Absolute Tonic juices are a blend of several fruits and juices so getting a wider array of nutrients per ounce than a single piece of fruit.
  • Cold-pressed juices are perfect for busy people who may not be getting their recommended intake of daily of fruits and vegetables.
  • Great for those on the go who may not have time to get their daily dose of healthy!

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