Cleanse Tonics

Keep your body hydrated and help cleanse out your digestive system and gastrointestinal tract of toxins. Toxins slow us down, lower our overall mood, and make our bodies work hard. These tonics are bright, refreshing and crisp!

Juice health benefits/flavor profiles

The benefits of specific ingredients in my juices don’t happen from drinking 1 juice. To see the most results/benefits “holistically” from the ingredients within my juices, you need to habitually drink cold-pressed juice every day. I have come to find that many people come to me looking for a quick health fix, to lose weight for the most part. But that is not how I promote my products and honestly do not believe it is healthy or OK to want to do a 3-day cleanse to “lose 5 pounds”. Of course, I don’t want to shoot down a customer who is looking for that, but I try to explain that losing a few pounds in a few days is not going to fix any future health problems and that the weight they have lost by deciding to only drink juice for 3 days will come right back as soon as they start eating real food again. Having a juice or two incorporated into their daily routine to start with is what I recommend and helps your body adjust to the direct nutrients it is receiving.

Cleanse Juices

These are not considered meal replacements because they are mainly to keep hydrated and help cleanse out your body (digestive system and gastrointestinal tract) of any toxins that we all have in our bodies. Those toxins slow us down and can cause fatigue, lowered overall moods, and can make it more difficult for our bodies to work correctly (like digest properly or stay hydrated). These juices are overall bright, refreshing and crisp in flavor.

  • Black Magic Tonic:
  • Contains activated charcoal which can help with absorbing toxins in the body. Great to prevent/help a hangover, help cleanse liver of any “bad foods”. Can help lower abdominal bloating. * I use a very small amount of it in each juice because too much can potentially absorb medications and you should not drink more than 1 of these juices a day to be extra safe.
  • Green Zinger:
  • This is my best-selling juice at the moment. The flavor is tart because it contains mostly green apple and the romaine and kale flavors are almost completely hidden. Very refreshing in the summer heat we are already experiencing.
  • Immune Kickstart:
  • Super popular because of COVID and a lot of young kids love this because the spice of cayenne is not overwhelming. Ginger and turmeric help aid digestion and can reduce occasional nausea. Turmeric root is part of the ginger family and has been shown to help most with inflammation throughout GI tract. Oranges are high in Vitamin C which is mostly what is in this juice.
  • SaSa Lemon-Aide:
  • My sweetest juice due to the maple syrup. We use fresh lemongrass that we steep or infuse in water for many hours. Lemongrass herbal tea has antibacterial properties which can help flush out “bad bacteria” (it can only help so much if someone is sick with strep/etc.) as well as boost immune system to help your body fight off the cold.
  • Spirulina Spirit:
  • This juice isn’t like any others. Spirulina is a green/blue algae that is high in nutrients, but low in calories. It contains high values of vitamin B & E, chlorophyll (found only in plants) and is a great source of protein for vegans. Overall, it is great to keep your immune system boosted by providing you with some key nutrients that most people do not receive as much as they should.

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